Data Statements

On this website you will find statements giving access to our data.

LISS panel

LISS panel data

The LISS panel is the core element of the MESS project (Measurement and Experimentation in the Social Sciences). This project is devoted to enabling researchers to benefit from existing data, to carry out their own survey or to design a special experiment. The LISS Data Archive is free to browse. Before you can download datasets, you need to sign a statement.

LISS data statement


CSS & DHS data

The DNB Household Survey is a unique data set allowing you to study both psychological and economic aspects of financial behaviour. This panel survey was launched in 1993 and comprises information on work, pensions, housing, mortgages, income, possessions, loans, health, economic and psychological concepts, and personal characteristics. These data are collected from 2,000 households participating in the Centerpanel.

CSS & DHS data statement


Centerpanel data

Centerpanel data: The Centerdata database comprises a great many surveys designed and implemented either by us or by our clients. All surveys were conducted by the Centerpanel. For obtaining these data sets you need to describe the data set you want to obtain.

Centerpanel data statement